Sunday, 14 December 2008

So... I am in Poland!! :D

Oh yes baby... I am back home for Christmas break... :D

I travelled for about 30 hours (with 9 hour stop...) to get home and I had about 3 hours of sleep during this time... Absolutely dead when we got home. But good point of this night driving is that I had some time for taking night images with my pinhole (long exposures, the longest was 4 hours :). So when I will get back to Uni I will see them (process the film, scan or printing in darkroom and post here).

But for now... I am at home, enjoying my free time as well as writing my Tracing memory essay, which is not that easy!

But it doesn't matter! I'm home!! I'm in my lovely bed!! Eating my mums food!! And having my family and lovely dogs around! Aaaa... Nice...

(on the image: my sister and my nephew)

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