Friday, 29 January 2010

The last girl in the town...

It started. Another episode. Not only in my life.
Denisa is off to Barcelona very soon - my dearest friend... Wish you all happiness in the world over there.
Szymon is moving rooms on his own - my partner... I hope all those books are not too heavy for him.
Me being off to Krakow very very soon... 4 months in
this beautiful town...

But for now... I am here on my own. In my old small town, where everyone left to do carriers, study, start up families...

So I am driving my car around my old small town on white roads, looking for familiar faces, but I can only find worn out places, where my memories almost washed-out of all colors and feelings.

This city is the last place you want to stop by, but here is my family, here I grew up, here are my roads I used to drive.

And here... I am the last girl in this town.

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