Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Is it over?

It is so strange... England had this BIG 'crisis' over 2 last days... snow and ice is still on, but no more crisis? I don't get it... Can someone please explain it to me?? Is the crisis only on when it starts to snow and 2 days later people are get used to it and everything is fine...
Anyway... I don't get this all crisis... 5cm of snow!!! Come on people... Move to another country for Winter time and You will never come back to England... You will love a meter of snow, -20 degrees of Celsius and all that stuff to go with this :D

Now... let's go back to Uni... :D

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Anonymous said...

Yeah... media like show things biger then they are in reality. Same thing is with financial crysis, terrorists and other stuff.. thats why i hate to watch tv news. They have only bad news for us all! I try to see world with more optymism like you